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Early Career

The question whether coincidences exist or if our life is determined by destiny, shall be discussed elsewhere. However, if you take a look at the biography of the musician, producer, composer and label owner, to sum it up: the music lover Uwe Bossert, you might at least take into account the possibility of a divine providence. There was for example the Reamonn issue: When Bossert founded the band Reamonn together with Sebi, Gomezz, Ray and Phil in 1998, he had just finished his jazz-guitar studies in Freiburg and had already prepared himself for a precarious life in the undergrowth of the local jazz scene. Bossert knew that music stays an unprofitable kind of art for most musicians – regardless of their individual talent. Despite that music was the only thing he wanted to study. Because he was not able to do anything else – wrong: because he did not want to do anything else.

The story of the band has been told many times and shall only be a minor topic in this text, however, after the musician had signed a recording contract in 1999, everything started happening very fast: sold out tours, millions of sold records, the music award Echo for social commitment, numerous hits as well as interesting projects with other musicians. It is a fact: Reamonn are and have been one of the most successful and for sure also one of the most important German bands within the past 15 years.

Producing and achtung music

However, at some point Bossert noticed that there are also other things, which catch his interest, occupy and delight him. When Reamonn took a break at the end of 2010 after twelve years, he and his band colleagues found time to go on their own unfulfilled dreams. “I have always been very happy with being a part of the band”, Bossert said, “however, if you have been dependant on four other people for twelve years, you will be glad to be able to do your own thing for a while.”

In this situation destiny stroke again: He and the other members of Reamonn met the renowned producer Greg Fidelman, who produced songs with the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Metallica, U2, Johnny Cash and many others, in the USA in 2005. While he worked together with the skilled American recording professional, Bossert noticed: “That’s it, producing is my future.” When he returned to Germany, the guitar player founded a recording studio in Munich, which he has been gradually extending during the past few years, in 2007 he added a producing company, in 2011 he added his own publishing house and his own recording company – Achtung Music Records.

New productions

The album “Fall oder Tanz” (“Fall or Dance”) by DrahtSeilAkt was the first album release of Bossert’s label. Here destiny has helped again: “The fact that Uwe Bossert met the singer Nora Grisu, with whom he wrote and produced the songs for the debut of DrahtSeilAkt, was a really fortunate coincidence. That is because the two musicians do not fit together at first glance – and maybe because of this they add to each another especially well. On the one hand there is the spotlight-proved popstar Bossert and on the other hand the small-stage-experienced, introverted appearing songwriter Grisu. Together they tell stories, which have not yet been experienced in that way in the German pop sector.

DrahtSeilAkt has by far not been the only project of the new Uwe Bossert: The bustling musician also published the soundtrack for Pepe Danquart’s movie: „Joschka und Herr Fischer“ (“Joschka and Mr. Fischer”) with Achtung Music Records some time ago, it was the result of a very inspiring evening with the film director in person. He also produced and wrote an album with the Rumanian popstar Loredana Groza, worked as a guest lecturer at a university for music management in Summer 2010, collaborated with Xavier Naidoo, Nelly Furtado and with the Graf of the band Unheilig.

Uwe Bossert showed social commitment for example as management board member of the Hans Thomann foundation, which was founded to support children and teenager in the field of music.

A new beginning

That is not all. Despite his numerous projects, Bossert still has very good connections with his former colleagues. The new band project of the Reamonn musicians Bossert, Gommez, Rauenbusch and Padotzke shows how very well these connections are. Together with the singer Thom Hanreich they founded the band Stereolove. In September 2012 they released their debut album “Stereo Loves You“ by Sony Columbia, this release was followed by a six week tour through clubs in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. In 2015 Stereolove released their second studio album “Boy A”! And despite that Bossert’s second great career as a musician is already on the horizon, he wants to stay true to his principles.

The Musician

The musician wants to be able to operate freely, to develop songs and visions, to support young bands together with Achtung Music, by using flexible career models, which take into account the great changes, which the world of music has to face due to the internet.

To sum it up, the composer, producer and label owner Uwe Bossert especially wants one thing: to have a good time. This can hopefully be heard and felt.



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